Port Townsend Web Developers Meetup

Port Townsend Web Developers Meetup

Meetup #10 — Everything you wanted to know about CSS but were too afraid to ask

I know you've heard an awful lot about CSS. You've gotten dubious information your friends, listened to far-fetched stories from seemingly more experienced colleagues, and pored over some intriguing anecdotes on the web. You may have even resorted to seeking out answers from complete strangers in online forums and chat rooms. But how accurate is the information you are getting? And what do you REALLY know about CSS?

Next week we're going to sit down and have some real talk about CSS. Everything is on the table for this discussion: precedence, flex box, grid, psuedo elements, SASS, debugging, animation, 3D transforms... if you were wondering about something, this is your chance to get answers.

I'll be presenting for this one, drawing on nearly two decades of experience doing professional front end web development for marketing agencies and clients small and large at my own little dev shop, Harmonic Northwest. There will be lots of code examples, straw poll quizzes, and time for Q&A. This will be a useful session for experienced developers and n00bs alike.

Show up at the Colab at 5:30 for the start of the festivities. We'll have luxurious couch seating for the first half dozen arrivals and beer on hand for everyone over 21 years of age.

See you there!

Once again we will be at The CoLab and we will be doing announcements and show-and-tell before the presentation starts. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments.

Thank you to Totera Web Systems for sponsoring our meetings and The CoLab for providing a wonderful space to meet! 

More information about this month's topic is available on our Meetup page >


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